Snow Day at CMP

Jon’s did his first DE in 2017 at CMP. Unfortunately Jon registered late so another driver picked “his” number so Jon had to rely on his very limited craft skills. Note to self: in the future if #997 is not available, pick #11 Jon continued to gain experience at the track. Disaster struck on Sunday morning (snow!) so Jon decided to head home. Jon later … Continue reading Snow Day at CMP

I Beat Dad!

Since I started karting, my dad had been telling me that very soon I will be faster than him. At the time I thought it was impossible but with practice I realize that it is possible.   We went to LeMans Karting on daddy’s birthday (also the day of the LeMans 24-hour race). Dad let me wore his GoPro on my helmet to record my driving. I did … Continue reading I Beat Dad!

Team Shum: The Next Generation

Jacob watched his first F1 qualifying when he was 1-day old in the hospital. Now every F1 weekend Jacob would wake up early and watched F1 races with his dad. In May Jacob and Coco had their first go-karting experience at the NASCAR Speedpark in Sevierville, TN. Jon decided that it’s time for Jacob to get some racing experience with the Cadet Program at LeMans Karting. “Tiger-dad” … Continue reading Team Shum: The Next Generation

Goodbye Rocky

After June joined Team Shum, RocketS “Rocky” was to remain as Jon’s autocrosser. Unfortunately the unreasonably high insurance premiums made it impossible to keep him.  Jon listed Rocky on Craigslist, and within 12 hours there were two potential buyers serious enough to want to see Rocky the same day! A showing  was arranged with a family that very same afternoon. Jon spent the morning giving … Continue reading Goodbye Rocky