997.11 (2021 DIY Progress)

As in-person learning restarted in the Fall of 2021, so was DIY shop class.  2021 projects were a mix of regular maintenance, minor interior repairs, and giving June a “modern look”. June got an oil change, a rare transmission fluid change (12 year interval), and new motor mounts. While June has a great German-engineered chassis and drivetrain, she also has a not so durable interior.  … Continue reading 997.11 (2021 DIY Progress)

Nascar Bed

Theo has outgrown his toddler race car bed. Out went Henry to transport his 7th race car! (3rd race car beds + 4 real cars) Big brother was Crew Chief building the new car. The now outgrown “Rossi” left on a roof rack just as it arrived 4 years ago. Good luck with your new driver! Continue reading Nascar Bed

Most Fun SUV

Toby, Mary and their boys went on quite a few road trips (no flying) through the COVID-19 pandemic.  While Henry, their trusty V8 4Runner, was a great tow vehicle and off-roader, he was a little thirsty… Mary test drove different SUVs: compact 5-seaters, mid-sized 7-seaters, hybrids. The Mazda CX-9 was the clear winner for, in her words, “most fun to drive”. (The CX-5 Turbo was … Continue reading Most Fun SUV

Driver Change

Oliver and Theo love to go on fun drives, so Toby can use a 4-seater aka a 911! Toby and Jonathan met halfway in Durham NC for an overnight get-together / car swap.  Both cars were packed full of goodies. It was Monaco GP weekend so the brothers got to watch the race together, just like old times. After a BBQ lunch, the “new owners” … Continue reading Driver Change