4Runner AC DIY Repair

The 4Runner’s AC had a slow leak and wouldn’t blow cold air. Toby ignored it for a long time (lucky to own another car with working AC). But with instructor’s help, diagnostic equipment, and parts at cost, it was time to fix it. Hooked up to the a/c system tester, and filled with fresh florescent dye, Toby’s instructor Aaron found a tiny small leak near … Continue reading 4Runner AC DIY Repair

DIY 4Runner Brakes

After all these years working on his race cars on jack stands, Toby learned from his neighbor that Arlington County offers a “DIY Auto Mechanic” class that includes lift time! The shop was VERY WELL equipped with Snap-On everything, laser alignment rack and Hunter tire mounting and balancing machines. First project was to replace brake pads and rotors. It’s been years since the wheels last … Continue reading DIY 4Runner Brakes