Sim Racing the 24h of LeMans

What made iRacing different from other simulators is the team racing feature. During the race each team member can be driver, crew chief, spotter (and of course rest time to eat/sleep/nature break, etc). PCA Peachstate GT team entered two cars in its first endurance race, Jon and Jacob both in the green car. Jon volunteered to be the team manager so he is responsible to … Continue reading Sim Racing the 24h of LeMans

Sim Racing

Soon after returning from Japan, Jon bought a gaming laptop, a Dell G7-15. One of his main “reason” is to reduce his DE costs by competing in iRacing instead. He joined the Peachstate PCA League and raced against other members. When Jon is away on his business trips, he would ask Jacob to pinch-hit for him. Recommended and referred by his fellow PCA iRacers, Jonathan … Continue reading Sim Racing