Jacob’s 4Runner

As Toby’s garage has two “4+ seaters”, the V8 4-Runner is passed on to Jacob, Team Shum’s newest (licensed) driver. Jonathan and Toby had the official driver change at VIR. A professional detailing brought Henry’s paint back to life! Continue reading Jacob’s 4Runner

Nascar Bed

Theo has outgrown his toddler race car bed. Out went Henry to transport his 7th race car! (3rd race car beds + 4 real cars) Big brother was Crew Chief building the new car. The now outgrown “Rossi” left on a roof rack just as it arrived 4 years ago. Good luck with your new driver! Continue reading Nascar Bed

Most Fun SUV

Toby, Mary and their boys went on quite a few road trips (no flying) through the COVID-19 pandemic.  While Henry, their trusty V8 4Runner, was a great tow vehicle and off-roader, he was a little thirsty… Mary test drove different SUVs: compact 5-seaters, mid-sized 7-seaters, hybrids. The Mazda CX-9 was the clear winner for, in her words, “most fun to drive”. (The CX-5 Turbo was … Continue reading Most Fun SUV

Driver Change

Oliver and Theo love to go on fun drives, so Toby can use a 4-seater aka a 911! Toby and Jonathan met halfway in Durham NC for an overnight get-together / car swap.  Both cars were packed full of goodies. It was Monaco GP weekend so the brothers got to watch the race together, just like old times. After a BBQ lunch, the “new owners” … Continue reading Driver Change