Toby’s 964 Resto-Mod (Thanks Europros!)

After a 4-month search (and going all the way to Ohio), Toby finally found a 964 in excellent condition (and only 80k miles) to replace his Boxster race car. It was rotten luck that she was hit by a careless driver on her FIRST DAY out.  The insurance company totaled the car but Toby decided to buy the chassis back and, with Jack’s help, build … Continue reading Toby’s 964 Resto-Mod (Thanks Europros!)

Meet June, Jon’s New Porsche 911 Carrera (Type 997)

I decided to call her June to rhyme with my Chinese name (and also with Jon). The search criteria was simpler this time: a “4-seat” track car that can be daily driven.  Hard top coupe was strongly preferred.  Furthermore, to take full advantage of living in the warm south, there is no need to contaminate the purity of the steering feel.  So RWD it is! … Continue reading Meet June, Jon’s New Porsche 911 Carrera (Type 997)