Toby’s 964 Resto-Mod (Thanks Europros!)

After a 4-month search (and going all the way to Ohio), Toby finally found a 964 in excellent condition (and only 80k miles) to replace his Boxster race car.

It was rotten luck that she was hit by a careless driver on her FIRST DAY out.  The insurance company totaled the car but Toby decided to buy the chassis back and, with Jack’s help, build a resto-mod for track use.

Jack straightened the frame and replaced the front “clip” (basically the whole section of the body in front of the shock towers) off a green donor.  It was an ordeal to find a good front clip… the first two were not straight and were returned before finally finding a good one.  A lightweight chromoly half cage (modeled after the latest FIA spec / 997 Cup) was added while the frame was tensioned on the Celette jig.

2014_08 Tory Repair-301 2014_08 Tory Repair-302Euro front fenders and H4’s to complete the Euro-look (“ROW” i.e. “rest of the world” in Porsche-speak).  Fuel tank, fuel lines, oil tank and lines and brake lines were all removed before she went to paint, and replaced with new factory parts.

2014_08 Tory Repair-304 2014_08 Tory Repair-305The complete interior and AC were then removed and replaced with lightweight carpet, RS door panel, and custom carbon fiber dash cover.  Big trim panels of plywood boards wrapped in interior fibric were used to cover the rear seat and seat back area to complete the clean, stock look.

2014_08 Tory Repair-307
AC Condenser Removed

2014_08 Tory Repair-306 2014_08 Tory Repair-311OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

2014_08 Tory Repair-314
Carbon Fiber Dash

And this wouldn’t be a Resto-Mod without more goodies:
– Lexan glass
– RS sway bars
– New shocks and H&R Springs
– Cup pipe
– Cup 2s

Concurrent to the chassis build, Geoff at ASG refreshed the motor.  Leakdown was good so thankfully no major overhaul needed.  The motor got a full service including valve adjustment, new gasket and seals, spark plugs, a reinforced engine carrier and single pulley conversion for better reliability.

As with all of Europros’ work, the build quality and attention to details were exceptional.  When ASG performed one final race alignment.  The frame was so perfect that we got 2.3 degree camber with normal ride height and NO CAMBER PLATES!!!  She looks as good as when she rolled off the assembly line, except lighter and faster.

Toby could hardly wait for the first on track “shake down” session with Tory.

2014_08 Tory Home-105 2014_08 Tory Home-107 2014_08 Tory Home-111 2014_08 Tory Home-112 2014_08 Tory Home-115 2014_08 Tory Home-116