Driver Change

Oliver and Theo love to go on fun drives, so Toby can use a 4-seater aka a 911! Toby and Jonathan met halfway in Durham NC for an overnight get-together / car swap.  Both cars were packed full of goodies. It was Monaco GP weekend so the brothers got to watch the race together, just like old times. After a BBQ lunch, the “new owners” … Continue reading Driver Change

Electric kart for the Boys

After Oliver’s first karting experience in Illinois, Toby researched option for a faster drive for the boys (and get them another step towards real racing karts.) Perfect timing that the new Radio Flyer electric kart was on sale on Prime Day. Just in time for Theo’s 4th birthday (complete with proper Bell karting gloves – birthday gift from grannies.) The kart has a 24V motor … Continue reading Electric kart for the Boys

4Runner AC DIY Repair

The 4Runner’s AC had a slow leak and wouldn’t blow cold air. Toby ignored it for a long time (lucky to own another car with working AC). But with instructor’s help, diagnostic equipment, and parts at cost, it was time to fix it. Hooked up to the a/c system tester, and filled with fresh florescent dye, Toby’s instructor Aaron found a tiny small leak near … Continue reading 4Runner AC DIY Repair

DIY 4Runner Brakes

After all these years working on his race cars on jack stands, Toby learned from his neighbor that Arlington County offers a “DIY Auto Mechanic” class that includes lift time! The shop was VERY WELL equipped with Snap-On everything, laser alignment rack and Hunter tire mounting and balancing machines. First project was to replace brake pads and rotors. It’s been years since the wheels last … Continue reading DIY 4Runner Brakes