Oliver and NSX

2017 Washington Auto Show

This year’s auto show has grown significantly from last year, both in number of cars, manufacturers (marginally, more to come) and attendance. Toby, Mary, Oliver, and Theo arrived at the show early in the morning, hoping Oliver will get to run around the empty show floors.  No so this year.  By 10am, the show floor was packed! They started with supercars on the top floor.  The stars … Continue reading 2017 Washington Auto Show

Eco II

In addition to baby Theo, Team Shum was upgraded with a new fuel economy ambassador. “Eco II” is a 2016 Toyota Prius, and a replacement to “Eco”, Toby and Mary’s 2008 Prius. Toby and Mary were considering a 2013 but were surprised to find a 2016 in the used car lot.  A quick test drive confirmed the new fourth-gen/XW50 Prius was significantly upgraded in every way, making … Continue reading Eco II

Family Reunion at Virginia International Raceway

Jonathan and Toby ran a track event together at VIR in 2015.  They decided to do it again over Labor Day 2016. but with Kenny joining which made it a reunion for the three brothers (and Jacob) since Austin F1 in 2012.  They told mom and dad who were excited to join and a full family reunion was on! VIR is unique among all US race tracks due to its “country club” setting, with lodging and … Continue reading Family Reunion at Virginia International Raceway

Seal Cove Auto Museum

Mary and Toby visited Acadia National Park as their five-year anniversary celebration. Seal Cove Auto Museum is on the edge of Acadia National Park.  The museum was  enthusiastically recommended in all Acadia travel books but it still exceeded Toby’s already high expectation. The museum featured cars and coachwork between 1900-1920 (with a couple outliers), including many that participated in Pebble Beach and Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. The whole … Continue reading Seal Cove Auto Museum