2023 Rolex 24 of Daytona

With the new GTP/LMDh car launches, the brothers decided to join the (record) crowd at the Rolex 24 hours of Daytona.

They arrived at the track early to join the pre-race festivities: visited the different manufacturer booths (Cadillac Blackwings!), picked up goodies, attended PCA Q&A’s with Porsche factory drivers, Motorsports CEO, Mobil and Michelin engineers, and walked through the garages.

They watched the race start from the International Horseshoe. The Acuras, Cadillacs and Porsches ran a close race, while the BMWs were off the pace and one quickly hit trouble.

They moved around different infield spots, the fanzone, and the PCA tent until the 10pm fireworks. They took a picture with “a Rolex” (at the picture perfect 10:10, by luck), then made their way back to the hotel around midnight.

They woke up again at 6am only to find the #6 Porsche had a big spin the last hour and lost 3 laps. They watched the final 6 hours of the race from the massive Daytona grandstand, working their way from Turn 1 and Turn 6 (turn in and out of infield) toward start finish. The speed of the GTP prototypes and how the drivers worked through lapping GT cars, were impressive.

The last caution was at the 23-hour mark, setting up a sprint finish. The #60 MSR Acura kept its lead and and quickly opened up a 4-5 second gap, and won first place overall with the same margin.

Just as Toby put down his camera/phone, two LMP2 car cross the finish line side-by-side, with the #55 Proton winning by 0.016 second.

It was a great time and it’s just a matter how soon the brothers will attend another race again.

A few highlights from the race:
– The brothers met 5x Daytona winner and Porsche legend Hurley Haywood
– Jon won a Porsche cap from the PCA raffle
– Singer 911 in the PCA Corral