Snow Day at CMP

Jon’s did his first DE in 2017 at CMP. Unfortunately Jon registered late so another driver picked “his” number so Jon had to rely on his very limited craft skills. Note to self: in the future if #997 is not available, pick #11 Jon continued to gain experience at the track. Disaster struck on Sunday morning (snow!) so Jon decided to head home. Jon later … Continue reading Snow Day at CMP

Oliver and NSX

2017 Washington Auto Show

This year’s auto show has grown significantly from last year, both in number of cars, manufacturers (marginally, more to come) and attendance. Toby, Mary, Oliver, and Theo arrived at the show early in the morning, hoping Oliver will get to run around the empty show floors.  No so this year.  By 10am, the show floor was packed! They started with supercars on the top floor.  The stars … Continue reading 2017 Washington Auto Show