Sim Racing

Soon after returning from Japan, Jon bought a gaming laptop, a Dell G7-15. One of his main “reason” is to reduce his DE costs by competing in iRacing instead. He joined the Peachstate PCA League and raced against other members. When Jon is away on his business trips, he would ask Jacob to pinch-hit for him. Recommended and referred by his fellow PCA iRacers, Jonathan … Continue reading Sim Racing

Kate (Dirty Molly’s Dirty Sister)

After an 18-month hiatus, Toby began to look for his next fun car. After much research and many WhatsApp messages with the rest of Team Shum, Toby found Kate, “Dirty Molly’s Dirty Sister“. Kate is a 2009 Boxster S. She retains a balanced mid-engine layout with track worthy Brembo brakes, but gets the (then) new direct injection “9A1” engine and significantly revised rear suspension.   … Continue reading Kate (Dirty Molly’s Dirty Sister)

Porsche Effect – Petersen Automotive Museum

For Kenny’s “Bachelor’s Weekend”, Team Shum met in LA for the Porsche Effect exhibit at Petersen Automotive Museum. The exhibit was the most comprehensive outside of The Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen.  It included many Porsche street cars as well as its most iconic race cars: 550 RS Spyder 906 908 910 917 935 Kremer (K3) 1983 956 (in Toby’s favorite “Newman” livery) 1985 959 Group … Continue reading Porsche Effect – Petersen Automotive Museum