Graduating to Big Boy’s Kart!

Two days ago, I went to my last Bantam karting with my dad. Today I just did my first sessions in a “Big Boy’s Kart” (adult kart) at LeMans Karting.

I went to the Bantam Karting class on August 2015, challenged by another kid to do my best. My dad and the other kid’s dad joined in on the last session of Bantam karting and I achieved a lap time of 37 seconds. In the past 7 months I did a total of 17 races (sometimes with dad, I also raced Grandpa and uncle Kenny when they visited Greenville in December) and improved my lap time to 31.9 seconds.

On Saturday we went to the LEGO store in Charlotte, I saw the cool new LEGO Kart kit! Daddy said he will buy this present for me once I passed the test on Sunday!

On Sunday I went to the Junior Karting Program which uses the much faster adult karts. My instructor showed me the racing line and the apexes in the first (slow) session, then I did a “Lead-and-Follow” session at medium speed (31 sec lap time). After a quick break, the final session was a 10 minute sprint. I continue to build confidence each lap and achieved a lap time of 27.785! I did spun once during this session, but my instructor and dad said (and uncle Toby texted) that it’s a good indicator that I was pushing hard!

Daddy then joined me to do one time attack session. Racing in the adult karts is so much more exciting! I continued to improve to 26.7 seconds and my dad got 25.7 seconds. Dad won a $5 gift card for having the fastest time of the day.

Daddy told me that him and I will make a great team for “Enduro Races”. I now need to find another 0.2 seconds to qualify 🙂 I really look forward to racing with the big boys in the very near future!