Classic cars at Summit Point

The Shattenbaum PCA track day at Summit Point had many modern 911s, Caymans and Boxsters in attendance.  Yours truly’s 1991 911 (Type 964) was increasingly a rarity, but nowhere near as rare as a genuine 904 Carrera GTS.  It was a treat to see her running on track.

Toby got a close up look of her groundbreaking fiberglass body and Fuhrmann 4 cyclinder engine.


Right next to the 904 parked a Model T race car.


Toby also get to sit inside a beautiful 1965 911 rally car and got a good look at the rally headlamps from the driver’s seat.


And there was one of Toby’s favorite, an NSX. This early NSX was Tory’s contemporary, but with barely over 21,000 miles. (In contrast, Tory was already considered a low-mileage antique with 80,000 miles on the clock!)


And of course last but not least was Toby’s own 964.

2016_04 Summit Point-102