Washington Auto Show 2016

Washington DC was still digging out from the worst snow storm in history.  Eveyone had cabin fever.  What better excuse to leave the house to go to the Auto Show!

While Porsche was conspicuously absent from the show, there were still plenty of sports cars on display.  From historical icons such as Shelby GT350, Ferrari 512TR, to modern classics like Lexus LF-A (that Toby saw for the first time – what a gorgeous car) and Nissan GT-R, through to the current crop including Dodge Hellcat, Ford Focus RS (finally sold in the US) and Alfa Romeo 4C (finally back in the US!)

The highlight for Toby was the brand new, fourth generation “ND” Miata.  It was more than 25 years since the Miata was introduced in 1989, but both the iconic exterior and interior were instantly familiar.

On the other end of the spectrum, there were also many “cars of the future” on display (and are ready for the mass market!)  Toyota showed off the Murai and brand new Prius, while Bolt EV and the Volt hybrid starred for GM.

This was Oliver first Auto Show.  He enjoyed seeing “vroom vrooms” as much as daddy.  We got there early at 9am when it was not crowded, and he had a great time crusing around the show floor, getting rides.  He also had a “grr-ific” time meeting Daniel Tiger, his favorite cartoon character.