Goodbye Rocky

After June joined Team Shum, RocketS “Rocky” was to remain as Jon’s autocrosser. Unfortunately the unreasonably high insurance premiums made it impossible to keep him.  Jon listed Rocky on Craigslist, and within 12 hours there were two potential buyers serious enough to want to see Rocky the same day! A showing  was arranged with a family that very same afternoon. Jon spent the morning giving Rocky a nice wash inside and out. The new owner was very impressed after the test drive, and Jon handed over the keys with tears in his eyes.IMG_5299Back in 2006, Jon was on vacation in Toronto when he saw Rocky listed on the MINI website. Jacob was one year old at the time, and he gave his approval by saying “Vroom Vroom” during the test drive. A deal was closed and Rocky was shipped to Nova Scotia by rail.
Over the years Rocky was upgraded with a 15% supercharger pulley and a Cat-back exhaust. The already go-kart like handling was left untouched. Jon and Jacob spent a lot of quality bonding time together taking care of Rocky.

Arrived in Nova Scotia (2007)

Jon and his family had many memorable road trips throughout Eastern Canada and Eastern U.S.  Including New York, Washington D.C.,  Orlando, and the unforgettable 2014 MINIs on the Dragon.20070609_144853000_iOS

Jon built a garage for Rocky (2008)
Jacob washing Rocky for the first time
At the 2011 British Motoring Festival
Jacob’s first oil change (2012)
Nova Scotia Winter
Found this at the Michelin parking lot
Nova Scotia Summer (2013)
Leaving Nova Scotia for South Carolina
Arrived in South Carolina (2013)
Jacob and Coco in the “new new new MINI” (F56) during the launch event at Century MINI (2014)