The Fast and the Furious Civic

Toby bought a used 1998 Honda Civic when he moved back from South Africa to Washington DC in 2001.

The car did not stay stock for long.  As Toby and Kenny started autocrossing, the list of modifications grew:

  • Cold air Intake
  • Cat-back exhaust
  • Short shifter
  • Shock tower bar
  • Rear lower tie bar
  • Front and rear anti-roll bars
  • Lowering Springs
  • OZ Superleggera lightweight wheels
  • Low profile racy rubber
  • Recaro SRD seats
  • Carbon Fiber Hood
  • Sparco Hood Pins
  • “M3” rear spoiler
  • Painted side skirts

And finishing touches:

  • Red “H” crests
  • And a big sub-woofer and sub-woofer amp (that Toby had to pull out before each Autocross event.)

It was by no means a “modest” car, but Toby think it was still purposeful and understated.  Toby loved it when he heard compliments at stop lights!

More importantly, Toby learned a lot from his research (and his mistakes) that would be applicable to more bespoke builds in the future.
2003_06 Toby Civic 102 2003_06 Toby Civic 103

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