2006 Track Days Recap

After dipping their toes in track days late 2005, Toby and Kenny couldn’t wait for the next season to start.

Toby and Kenny logged a total of 22 days in 2006 (so 44 days for Dirty Molly.)  They had their first outing on their “home track” Summit Point’s “Main” track as well as the twistier Shenandoah Circuit.

They also tried out “Pro” tracks farther away from home including Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course, famous for hosing IndyCar races as well as the annual SCCA Runoff (National Championship)

Last but not least, they also got acquainted with Virginia International Raceway (“VIR”), their second “home track”.  VIR was best known to be “America’s Nurburgring” where Car and Driver’s held its annual “Lightning Lap” shootout.  Toby and Kenny preferred the “Full” configuration with its long back straight and “white knuckle” braking zones though.  Here is a video of the Full Course and they will leave their impression the Lightning Lap (Grand East) configuration in a separate post.