2022 DIY Class

Through the 2021-22 DIY “school year”, Toby made slow but steady progress on June and also worked on the new Mazda (Indy).

June got new front shocks. The removal and install steps were identical to Toby’s old Boxster race car. The “push the wheel carrier down with your foot” shortcut surprised his instructor. Toby learned to use a wall-mounted spring compressor to transfer the springs and mounts onto the new shocks.

June got a nail in her right rear tire so Toby learned to mount and balance a tire (295/30R19 no less!). The new tire was well built and it barely needed any wheel weights.

In the final two classes, Toby realigned the car. Toby learned how to use the software, set up the car on the alignment rack, and adjust front and rear camber and toe. It came out perfect.

Indy got her first oil change. Toby also replaced a broken a door trim piece. An industrial grade heat gun soften the glue underneath, then Toby slowly cut the glue and pry the trim piece off. The replacement trim arrived from the friendly local Mazda dealer with with tabs already attached, so installation was a breeze.

Toby already have many more parts ordered for next fall.