Race Car Halloween Custome

Oliver decided he wanted to be a race car driver for Halloween. He already has a “driving suit” from Grandma and Grandpa last Christmas, so Toby got to work and “built” him a race car.

It took Toby one (long) night to build the car and “paint” the livery, and a quick harness was made with their checkered flag guitar straps.

A perfect Halloween costume, and a great way to celebrate Scott Dixon winning the Championship. (Mini lego trophy courtesy of Toby’s Michael Schumacher lego set :))

Theo already asked for one for next Halloween.

Epilogue (11/1/2020): The #9 car sustained a lot of damage through North Arlington streets (workmanship issue…) and wall contact racing through narrow doorways (not Toby’s fault). The car was rebuilt in the afternoon with new “narrow wing” package. Hope they will stay on a few days longer…