Go Kart League Racing!

After three visits to the new LeMans Karting facility in Greer, Jon and Jacob became more comfortable with the track configuration to run consistent laptimes. They took the next step to join the League Racing where the real racers race against each other on Thursday evenings.

The race was a one hour team enduro on the Mega-Track. Normally the race director would draw teams of two, however since it was their first race, they asked the race director to team them so to not disadvantage the other racers that are racing for championship points.

The racers are all very fast and have excellent car control skills! Jon and Jacob learned a lot just by following them from a distance.

Another major opportunity to improve are the driver changes. Each team were required to do a minimum of three driver changes during the hour. Compare to the other teams TeamShum were much slower adding/removing the ballast and buckling up.

As expected TeamShum spent the whole race near the end of the field fighting to stay out of last place. But the laptimes were significantly faster.

The LeMans start: Jacob was still buckling up when the others drives away 😦

Making progress as others jostle for position