Doc Hudson

Toby and his family spent his birthday weekend in Berkeley Springs, WV.  In addition to hiking in Cacapon State Park and cooling off in the spring water, they also checked out the local classic car show.

As they walked in the They were greeted by a beautifully maintained Hudson Hornet. Toby recognized it immediately as this is Doc Hudson from the movie Cars and Oliver was happy to meet “him”.

There were many muscle cars as well as classic cars and trucks. There were Chevelles and Camaros (including many SS’), Corvettes/Stingray and Plymouth Roadrunner. Mustangs were well represented also, and includes an Indy 500 pace car and a late model Shelby GT500.

Toby’s other favorite was the Ford Fairlane Skyliner, the first true hardtop convertible ever made.  Its hardtop moves (rather than folds) in the trunk when retracted and eats up all trunk space.  Can’t say it’s practical but it’s surely eye catching!