Oliver and NSX

2017 Washington Auto Show

This year’s auto show has grown significantly from last year, both in number of cars, manufacturers (marginally, more to come) and attendance.

Toby, Mary, Oliver, and Theo arrived at the show early in the morning, hoping Oliver will get to run around the empty show floors.  No so this year.  By 10am, the show floor was packed!

They started with supercars on the top floor.  The stars of the show (with one more to come) were the Lamborghini Miura and the Enzo Ferrari.

In addition to Lamborghinis and Ferraris there were also many Porsches, McLaren, Aston Martins, Rolls Royces and Bentleys on exhibit.

Moving on to the main exhibition hall for the luxury/import marques.  Practically all brands were present, including Porsche who had no official booth in previous years.  Of course Oliver got pictures with the fully loaded 2017 911 GTS Targa, the closest to “Daddy’s car”.

Two others cars that caught Toby’s attention were the Mazda Miata RF “raised roof roadster” and the Lexus LC500.

Last but certainly not least, and given away in the feature image, the final “star of the show” was the 2017 NSX.  It was stunning from every angle.

Toby and Mary did not make it to the domestic (+ Toyota) exhibit, although Toby already saw the Chevy Bolt at last years show (and many many Corvettes at the track :))  They also just got an almost new Prius they were plenty up-to-date with Toyotas.

As with last year, Oliver enjoyed meeting Daniel Tiger and the Ninja Turtles.  Theo also got his first picture (of many many more) with a supercar.