Seal Cove Auto Museum

Mary and Toby visited Acadia National Park as their five-year anniversary celebration.

Seal Cove Auto Museum is on the edge of Acadia National Park.  The museum was  enthusiastically recommended in all Acadia travel books but it still exceeded Toby’s already high expectation.

The museum featured cars and coachwork between 1900-1920 (with a couple outliers), including many that participated in Pebble Beach and Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.

The whole collection can be seen here:

Toby’s favorites was (no surprise) its sports cars including:

  • Stanley Steamer: Street version of 1906 land speed record car that broke two-mile-per minute (i.e. 120mph) barrier
  • Mercer Touring car:  Of Mercer Raceabout fame
  • F.R.P.:  ex-Mercer team manager decided to build a proper successor to the all conquering Raceabout.  Its 170 hp was the highest for production cars at the time (170 hp in 1915!)

And exquisite coachbuilds including:

  • DeDion Motorette:  In addition to the beautiful coachwork, the Motorette was driven by a DeDion Tube suspension (
  • Pierce Great Arrow:  Winner of first Glidden Trophy at the 1905 AAA Reliability Tour (and successfully defended it five times), but that aside, look at the coach work including a foldout table in the rear cabin!
  • White “MM”:  Famous for being training pace cars for Jack Johnson and James Jefferies before their 1910 “Fight of the Century” (
  •  Peugeot Type 150 Boat-tailed “Skiff”:  Just look at it!

Finally, Toby and Mary’s favorite was the 1910 Stoddard-Dayton 10-F Roadster.  Stoddard-Dayton was most famous for winning the first race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and was the pace car for the inaugural Indy 500.