Jon’s Future Tow Vehicle – Lexus GX460

Jon and his family had been very satisfied with their Honda Pilot since 2009, but it’s time for a new SUV. After some thorough research and many test drives of different brands, they decided to buy a Lexus GX460 based on:
  1. Cecilia’s family and business needs (7 seats, safe, well equipped, cargo space)
  2. Jon’s occasional towing needs (reliability, towing capacity)
  3. Jacob’s and Coco’s needs (electronic gadgets, bike rack!)
  4. June’s need (I want to be chauffeured to the track!)

It was a very long day (5+ hours) at the Lexus dealership. Jacob and Coco were very well behaved, and even completed their Sunday Chinese School homework at the showroom! They were a little sad to say goodbye to the Pilot, but at the same time excited to welcome Big Lex to our family.

Jon and Jacob immediately bought a bike rack (Yakima SwingDaddy). Coco had since learned how to ride without training wheels. The family spend many weekends riding the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Downtown Greenville. 
During our summer trip to Canada (via Pigeon Forge, TN), we passed a Porsche Motorsport truck on Hwy 401 near Montreal!
Lex trailering June to VIR