Final Race Prep

To prepare for Club Racing, Toby studied the rule book for modifications so Dirty Molly’s could be more competitive.

Toby found a rare factory Aerokit II rear decklid and rear wing.  The fiberglass decklid was much lighter than the stock steel one.  The wing was the only allowed substitute to the stock pop-up spoiler.  In addition to looking menacing, it reduced drag and improved straight line speed.2010_03 Toby Race Prep 103A Guard limited slip differential improved stability under braking and traction at corner exit.  A custom race headers and mufflers added 20 horsepower and was much lighter.  A final round of weight reduction got Dirty Molly down to minimum race weight.  (The driver did his part also :))

2009_09 Toby exhaustWith this final round of modification Dirty Molly was able to hit 138mph top speed and reasonably competitive (for a rookie) lap time of 2:12 at VIR during the final test day before the Club Race