2009 Track Days Recap

In preparation to the 2009 season, Toby and Kenny completed an audacious project (lucky fools!) to remove shocks and sent back to JRZ for service and replaced shock mount monoballs that were worn out.  Molly was on jack stands in Toby’s garage spot and his neighbors and the building’s watchmen were amused by the sight.

On jack stands with paint cans propping up the suspension
On jack stands with paint cans propping up the suspension
Kamikaze Racing (sans Chip)
Kamikaze Racing (sans Chip, probably on track?)

Kenny completed his PhD program and got great news of a job offer during the Mid-Ohio event.  Fortunately and unfortunately he had to move to San Francisco and had to take a hiatus from track days (and car ownership in general…)

Kenny’s last hurrah aboard Dirty Molly

Without Kenny as “pit crew” Toby had to adjust to new processes to service the car between run sessions.  There were quite a few hilarious moments where Toby was all strapped in only to find out the car was out of gas or had a dead battery.

“Your brother is a mess without you” – Michael Lin

Toby and Molly made it on track 22 days, and added Road Atlanta and Thunderbolt to the track they visited.

Unfortunately Thunderbolt was mostly a washout, but Toby had much better luck at Road Atlanta over Thanksgiving.  It was a long tow so Toby was hoping for good weather, and his prayers were answered!  Road Atlanta was home of the annual “Petit LeMans” race and featured the legendary and fearsome “Turn 12” down a steep hill, and the rolling “Esses” complex. What an amazing track!  Mary joined Toby on the trip and even rode with Toby for a few laps at full speed.

2009_11 Road Atlanta 102
Using all the kerb through the Esses
2009_11 Road Atlanta 101
Diving down the fearsome Turn 12