2008 Track Days Recap

2008 was another great season.  Toby and Kenny did 22 track days at Summit Point, VIR, Mid-Ohio, Watkins Glen.

Highlight of the year included:

1) Kenny and Toby were certified to be instructors with PCA and NASA

It was good to be able to “give back” to the track day community.  It also provided Toby and Kenny with the rare opportunities to be on track “together” (in their respective students’ cars).  They especially enjoyed at New Jersey Motorsport Park where their students ran nose-to-tail in identical M3’s.

2) Drove top down at VIR (very cool…figuratively and literally at 130mph in February)

2008_02 VIR 101
Toby gave his student a ride, convertible style

3) Upgraded to BFG R1 “DOT slicks” with beautiful Volk Racing TE37 wheels

2008_05 MidOhio 102 2008_05 MidOhio 101

Kenny at VIR