Toby and Kenny Slid off the Slippery Slope

After a few years of autocrossing, it didn’t take much urging for Kenny and Toby to want to try out track day.

Their first event was with the Delaware Valley Mazda Club at Pocono Raceway.  Pocono was a big track that featured the longest straight among NASCAR ovals.  The Miata and the Civic were severely under-powered but that didn’t dampen their enthusiasm at all!

Kenny and Toby bought identical pictures to memorialize the day!

200508 Pocono  2005_08 Toby Del-Val Pocono DE

A month later, they co-drove Toby’s Civic at a Mazda Sportscar Club of Washington track day on the Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit.  It was a tight and twisty course perfectly suited for the Civic’s modified suspension, and a great track for beginners to practice “driving the line”.

They were bitten by the track bug and there was no going back.