Sim Racing 24h of LeMans

What made iRacing different from other simulators is the team racing feature. During the race each team member can be driver, crew chief, spotter (and of course rest time to eat/sleep/nature break, etc).

PCA Peachstate GT team entered two cars in its first endurance race, Jon and Jacob both in the green car. Jon volunteered to be the team manager so he is responsible to create a spreadsheet to manage the race strategies.

Each member put in a lot of efforts to prepare for the race, but we know that there’s lots to learn in 24 hours. During the race we persevered through a few repairs (including an engine change when we forgot to switch off the engine during one of the repairs.)

After 24 hours we were exhausted and relieved when our car took the checkered flag in 30th place in our split. As one of our teammate put it: we all found ourselves randomly smiling during the day after just thinking about the fact that we actually finish!

We will be back!