Sim Racing

Soon after returning from Japan, Jon bought a gaming laptop, a Dell G7-15. One of his main “reason” is to reduce his DE costs by competing in iRacing instead. He joined the Peachstate PCA League and raced against other members. When Jon is away on his business trips, he would ask Jacob to pinch-hit for him.

First race: Silverstone

Recommended and referred by his fellow PCA iRacers, Jonathan bought an Oculus Rift on Black Friday. During set-up, Jon and Jacob rearranged the game room to make room for other VR games. While the demos were fun, it’s time to test out the racing games.

Jon had been warned by others that the first few laps may feel nauseating, so he should take it easy. It was definitely very true for the first couple laps (driving on Laguna Seca didn’t help either). However, once Jon got acclimated to the Rift, the improved vision gave Jon a lot more confidence. It is indeed very close to driving DE on the track!

We hope to see more drivers join us in the future.

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