Another One Bitten by the Track Day Bug!

In February I received an email from PCA, an invitation to sign up for DE seminar at CMP in Kershaw, SC.
I had one month to prepare for my first DE. To make sure that the brakes are track worthy I replaced the front brake duct spoilers with the GT3 version, and installed the rear brake cooling ducts of the 997 Turbo. Brake pads were upgraded to  Pagid Yellow (RS29). The brake fluid was replaced and the brake lines bled.
A quick comparison of the upgraded (left) vs stock (right) brake ducts. Not sure if there is any actual performance improvement, but for less than $100 this upgrade is a no-brainier.
Before one can drive fast, one has to look fast!  I made sure I took care of all my sponsors. In reality there was only one “true” sponsor (Bib waving at the cheeks of my helmet) –  that paid ALL my bills 😅.
Cecilia ordered me stickers(for the helmet), car # magnets, and a matching cotton long sleeve T-shirt.
June awaiting tech inspection on Saturday morning. The weekend was so much fun and I got to meet with so many friendly people. I am definitely hooked.
The highlight was a 3 laps “track walk” for the whole family.