Meet the K-Man

After 5 years living without a car, a new job outside the San Francisco was Kenny’s great excuse to get a car.

A quick search on Craigslist led to several Caymans and 2nd-gen Boxsters.

First up was a 2006 silver Cayman S with just over 51K miles, a few blocks from Kenny’s home. It had a manual transmission which could be a headache in hilly SF.  After an hour of happy driving, Kenny returned the car to its owner and learnt that he would be leaving SF in a few days.

The next car on the list was an automatic 2008 white Cayman S. The car was sold through Instamotor. Car felt good, but Kenny missed the stick shift.  The following day, Kenny checked out a 2008 Boxster S at Cars Dawydiak, but learnt that the car had multiple accidents and skipped the test drive.

Kenny took the stick-shift Cayman S out for a second test drive and felt it was “the one”.  Since the owner was leaving the next day, there was no time for a thorough pre-purchase inspection by a Porsche specialist mechanic.  Thankfully Kenny was very familiar with the Boxster/Cayman platform through many years of tracking one, so he was able to checked the car for major problems and became the proud owner of the K-man!

After a full service wash and detailing (by Kenny himself), it was time for a photo shoot at the Golden Gate Park.